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יום רביעי, 29 ביולי 2015

The one from - Thank god I'm a women

I was born to a Religious orthodox Jewish family and went to a Religious schools system until I was 18. 
Part of that was learning how to daven the Jewish prayers.
The first part of this is the morning "Barchaout". There are 3 that change from Women to men - since in Hebrew there is a difference between male and female verbs.  but one of these Barchaout - does not chance just the verb. but the whole meaning. 
for men - the say "thank god for been a man". 
And for women? "thank god he made me as HE desired. 

I might have been as young as 12 - and thanking to myself - this is ridiculous! And decide to say "Thank for for been a women". 

It took many years after that when this started to be one of those things that women, Religious women that happen to be also feminist - talk about. 
You see - while man need to daven within a group of at least 10 men, women are allowed to daven on their own. So it s a private thing and something that nobody would notice when I started to change the words for the section. It's was between me and my god. 

It took more then 20 years later for my to be able to say that I'm a feminist. For some wired reason, like alot of my female peers in my age group I felt like I should be apologetic about been a women, let a lone a feminist! Oh My!!
God forbid. 

But now, 30 years old I know that we are still so far away form ending the battle for change. And I can tell for a lot of now-a-day feminist that it's about gender pride. and god dammit! 
I'm a proud women. 

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