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יום שבת, 18 ביולי 2015

Stop the shopping! (if only for a while)

So, It appear that I've gone a little over board. Well. A lot over board. 
Not working for the next 2 months, paying some school bills and way too much clothes shopping has ended up with my realizing that I have to cool it. 
I mean - it's not like I'm going to run out of clothes any time soon, and I've reached this point before.... There was a point where I was shopping like crazy for scrapbook stuff. And then I realized That I feel too guilty and suffocated. My creativity was blocked. 
And then I realized I'm starting to get close to that feeling again. But with my wardrobe. 
So I'm starting my No-shop July and probably August. 

I'm trying to figure out what My rules for myself will be.... 

1. No visiting boutique stores. This is one of my current favorite things to do. Discovering local plus-size designers in reasonable prices. I still want to check out some new designers (new to me) but for know that will have to wait. 
2. Setting a reasonable spend budget for these 2 months. I know myself to well - I'm not going to not spend at all. 
3. No visiting my clothes stores in the mall. I have to be onset. There is no such thing as "just looking". That's just lying to myself. 
4. Going through my current closet. Wearing everything I've got. 
5. Enjoying what I have. Finding new ways to wear old goodies. 
6. Getting rid of the stuff that I've determine that I'm done with. Really. Why hold on to the past?

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