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יום שלישי, 28 באפריל 2015

ONOT summer 2015 - The second Coming

The event took place at noon at the center of Tel-Aviv allowing my to enjoy this warm sun. although some what cold from the weather - but since I decided to wear a crop top I defiantly felt the low temperature. 

Onot is always been one of the Brands that caters to Plus size women here. But I did'nt really get into them until last summer. Something good started happening there and the style and fashion started to suit me more and more. Still don't think that the style is right for plus size women - but young, Fresh plus size 20-30 women will find great cloths at Onot. 

Lunching there new campaign , with a brand new video (that you can check out here) - the even hosted some happy and willing bloggers. I really do have fun seeing so many plus size bloggers and fashion lovers. something about it is just so mind freeing! 

According to this season's collection they decided to split the collection into two: casual and premium. and knowing me - the casual is less me. but the premium is sooo me! but looking more into the casual i can see the 70's. rather it be the boho-chic top or my brand new kimono. but it's clear - I've gotten 15 items from this season collection and counting.  (by the time I uploaded this review I got a few more....)

During the event we got some great t-shirt. taking an old blessing and giving it a feminist twist. love it. 

The outfit that I wore will be featured  here again but lets just say that i want to make a statement....
top and pants: Asos \ Shoes: Nine West \ Neclace:  E-bay

Some times you have to keep giving a brand a chance. And this is true proof of it. I think I might have just gotten the most amount of bottoms that are not skirts - for one year. It's just that good. 

יום שישי, 24 באפריל 2015

My wish list for may 2015

As if it wasn't enogh of a reason that summer makes me want more cloths, or that I just did a major spring cleaning, or that one of my student loans will be paid off by the end of this month - may is also my birthday month! so shopping? :-) 

True Decadence Tall Belted Jumpsuit

ASOS Pleated Maxi Skirt

            ASOS CURVE Tie Dye Skirt With Fringing
                                           From here

                  New Look Stripe Longline Shirt Dress
                                            From here

New Look Sub Bright Pink Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals

Warehouse Mono Printed Short

Pieces Did Wide Chain Bracelet

ASOS Tunic T-Shirt with Mickey and Minnie Front and Back Print

ASOS T-Shirt with Boys Dating Chocolate Print

ASOS T-Shirt with Hangry Print

ASOS Boyfriend T-Shirt with Yoga Now Wine Later Print

ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt

ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt

ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt

ASOS Midi Dress with Wrap Front and Pleated Skirt

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