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יום שבת, 7 בפברואר 2015

A Fashion show a week: Moschino ss15: Going the full Barbie

"Moschino ss15 is wearable. Rather you go the full barbie or just pick up a purse shaped like a boombox you can wear it - and you should. It puts the fun back into Fashion".

I'll start with 2 confessions;

The first is that I played with barbies till I was 14. Something that for me is a symbol of staying a kid for as long as reality let us back then.
The other is that I'm a feminist. Without getting into a long monologue about this - I'll just say that I believe in the fact the women are still being used, abused and taken advantage of - and that is something that means that we still have more to do. 

Been a feminist and loving today's fashion world is hard enough. But loving Barbie? That's something that I could keep to myself - my guilty pleasure in some ways. But Moschion's show and my love for everything Barbie about it - meant I could not keep this to myself any longer. 

The big hair (which was mostly blonde), the Barbie-pink, large accessories, the colored simple pointed pumps, the richness, the over-the-top outfits, the printed "Moschino" logo in such a way that automatically thought about the "Barbie" logo packaging that some of my own barbies came in - and of course the skates. 

I tend to gravitated towards fashion (even on the run-way) that is wearable, and I'm sure that some people are wondering why then - I'm I all about this fashion show and these outfits. Well. In my own little opinion - Fashion shows are Fun. And Fashion itself is even more fun. It's hard for me and has always been - to be more wearable like. Personally I would love to wear ball gowns at least some of the time, And the truth is, that while for most of the people I work with - it's about injecting color and fun into their clothes - for me, it's a challenge to tone it down. 

But Moschino ss15 is wearable. Rather you go the full Barbie or just pick up a purse shaped like a boombox you can wear it - and you should. It puts the fun back into Fashion. 

Love it - Wear it - Celebrate it. 

As far as I'm concern this is one of the more  wearable looks. Even as-is. Maybe toning it down with black pumps but loving the Bright pink trimming on the jeans and a pink clutch to really make it pop. 

B is for Maschino.

I'ts all about how you hold your hands out!

Loving the yellow and orange pump. I think My shoe obsession might have started with barbie. I still believe that I need a shoe in every color, and especially the bright colors!

Going the Full Barbie. Not for people off the runway. 

 This part of show - gives us one of my favorite color combo for 2 years now - black and gold. making almost every single piece - wearable. something to pick up and use. 

Kinda of looks like Gaga - doesn't it?

Another outfit that can be worn as-is. love the twist on that old time classic print of the blue and white rope- sailor looking print. love the gold. and the fact that for me - this is an outfit for day-time. (minus the big hair). 

Another piece that I would love to own myself. love macs and every single accessory here - from the shoes to the scarf to the sunglasses. 

The peace for the over-the-top-not-for-an-average-women-to-wear - makes me believe that the designer actually owned at some point as a child a mermaid barbie. My sister had this purple one with purple-red hair. and the tale looked just like this! 
I know that you could also get a pink and a blue one that had this type of fabric. the folds and the shimmering effect are so on point!

(from flicker)

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