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יום ראשון, 19 ביולי 2015

we like are elf

All though my blog focuses on the fashion side of things I couldn't pass up checking out and talking about elf. 
Elf (Eyes.lips.face) is an American low cost makeup company, Not tested on animals and even have quite a bit of vegan stuff in their lines. 

What does it for me is the fact that they have new stuff coming out all the time. and for collector such as mysellf that's perfect!

The first things to cutch my eyes were some of their pallates - but I always start with the brushes.... 

 Studio Luxe Brush Collection

Studio Contouring Brush

Studio Ultimate Kabuki Brush

Studio Contour Palette

Studio Perfect Finish HD Powder

Studio Foundation Palette

Studio Bronzer Palette

And last bot not least... new eyeshadow palates!!

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