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יום חמישי, 1 באוקטובר 2015

The one that got all the complements

I Wore this dress to the lunching of the first plus size magazine in Israel. The event took place at one of my current favorites designers - So Simple By Daphna Levinson. 
The dress Is the dress that was sitting in my wish list (and on my mind) for the longest time. And when I got a birthday gift card in may from my sister - that was the sign, Of course - My birthday was in may. But I had to get this dress - and the time and place - were to be determined. 

The complements that I received that evening and the next day when posting my #Ootd on my FB fashion groups were the sign - that I've hit that golden ratio.... not only did I feel like a fairy - but I looked fashionable and good. 
The flow of the dress - the fact that it's long on me... was perfect. I felt amazing. And this was the perfect opportunity to wear the dress - making sure that the whole look - was just right. 

People liked the dress - but also said that I LOOK GOOD. which is just as great. 

I was lucky. I was in the mood to to a Get ready with me video. :) 

The video is also a proud moment for me. I'm a small YouTuber - and I teach my self how to edit - getting a feel for what's right and the right length of videos. this is definitely one of my favorite videos of mine. 

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