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יום שלישי, 6 באוקטובר 2015

The one from the launching of the first Plus size magazing in Israel

The launching of the first plus size magazine in Israel - was a pretty cool event to go to. 
Lots of pretty people - hosted at the Dpahna levinson store, and oreo cookies. 
Offering plus size Women a different image to look at rather then just the size 0 we got so accustom to. Especially when you consider that most women are are a size 12 and up. 

On the off side - There's 2 things that do sadden me. The first been that fact that only now -in 2015 these magazines are finally showing up. The other been - the sad fact the plus size women in magazines - are not the plus size in life. So - there's still so much to change in the image that we see. I think that for the most part - that's why I love this day in age - and the sheer fact that you can decide which media to consume - and  which to create. allowing everybody to have a say - and blogs been one of the things that truly define people's opinion in 2015. 
the fact that you don't have to be a rich media mogul in order to put out something like images of bigger women or an opinion on a product that might not get exposure ells where. 

I hope that this is part of the movement that still had ways to go. 

Michal Shem Tov Radio jockey, Model, Stand up comic and Author
check out her Childern's book about loving one another - with out looking at color or size. 
all proceeds go to the Eating disorder unis at Ber-Shave Hospital, Surka

Sharon Ben- Shabat, Plus size Blogger

May garf, Plus size blogger, 

Of course - since So simple is one of my current brand love - I had to try on some cloths....  And of course - had to buy them. :P

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