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יום שבת, 17 באוקטובר 2015

A fashion show a week - Elie Saab spring 15

When one looks at the collection of the looks of Elie Saab spring collection - Look by look - You might feel like something is out of place.
You can distinctly tell that there's several directions. Mixed in with each other - and yet - everything tends to mesh well.
The young vibe that the collection offers is clear; Bomber Jackets, blue-pink and red theme along side some classic black with a splash of romantic slightly boho - white.

The general feel for me at least - is these wonderfully crafted dresses - that horns some of the well known trends - and yet - I don't feel as if I've seen it all before. At least not like this and this well done. 

 Classic white - slight boho feel gown. not your average boho dress. 

Although the main direction Elie Saab is known for - is gown and evening wear - this look, Featuring the candy bomber is something that a girl could differently wear around town and I have a strong feeling that this is going to be a popular look from the show. meaning it would also be copied over and over. 

More candy colors - and I would totally love to have every single piece here - 

Perfect for the teen choice award?

 And last - black but not boring. Not for everyone but for the right young star - on the red carpet - It would make a statement. 

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