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יום חמישי, 28 במאי 2015

The one that breaks the rules but just some

Venturing out is often very difficult confusing I can take time and during the time you don't quite know if you're on the right track it takes time to see the results.

But when you want to be successful sometimes that's the price you need to pay patients will patience that's the way to go. Sometimes like everybody else I wonder if this is path for me I don't always know that I'm on the right track but I guess only time will tell I just want to be successful and sometimes sometimes it feels like maybe it's too much but I guess I guess I just have to wait and see maybe tomorrow will bring that bright future metals what hope for.
Doing things differently mean that you will stick out and it means that you have to make it your way and if somebody 
else makes it then you can't really own it its their thing you need to make it your own thing.
Looking up at the sky that's what you can tell the only the sky is really the limit and annoying that sky is really an illusion and its old space an error well that just means that simpler.

I didn't quite realize it while I was taking these pictures but once I got home and saw these photos I knew that the main thing that looks back at you from these photos is really all about the sky the blue blue sky on a bright day.

Breaking the rules is sometimes more difficult than you would think you have to follow rules and structure in your life and order to make it through and get along with the rest of the world sometimes breaking the rules is more than just a metaphor it's a necessity following the stripes following the patterns and and realizing life is not black and white did you have to put some color into it even the best black and white look looks better with a pop of color rather it be red , neon yellow or purple.

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