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יום שלישי, 12 במאי 2015

Style check: The fringe skirt

If to be honest - this is one that I just couldn't understand in the beginning, But then I started to look around and see the many styles and shapes and colors. And since I'm in Boho-chic mode, A la coachella style - The fringe in general is on my radar.
But I picture it on a kimono or part of a white crop top with torn jeans shorts. For some reason - the Fringe skirt seems to be not as effort-less as the first option.

And maybe when I saw the styling - mainly done be my Favorite fashion blogger - I start to look at the other skirts on the hangers and see the options.
I tend to like the one in "neutral" colors, and maybe just some black but a nice burgundy also workד.

It seems that the shape for the fringe skirt is the pencil skirt - and maybe that's why it does not seem effort-less to me. But an accessory option to bring in  a some what boho vibe could just be a nice felt hat.

Heidi Klum

Olivia palermo

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