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יום שני, 1 ביוני 2015

Shopping list - The pin up dress

This is far from being my first post on the topic but since I'm really into the beauty and the colors of the Rockabilly and pin up style - this should not come as a surprise to anybody.
After asking around I decided it's time for a post on how to buy your pin up dress.
Of course - If you live somewhere in the states or lucky enough to have a spicily store near by - then you have more then the options in this post - but for most if us - e-bay is really the place to get started.

When looking online for the pinup dress - keep in mind that the search terms relevant would be (of course) "Pin-up", and Rockabilly and that most dresses come in 2 shapes - the A-line skirt and the pencil skirt. The top, however, Can very a lot - from no sleeve and halter to full length sleeves.

Most of the dresses come in a firm cotton materiel and for most of the a-line shaped ones you could add a under skirt to add some volume. Presently - I have several dresses and no under-skirt. They look just a good and still very "rich" looking.

The other thing to keep in mind is this: All though e-bay is the place to get started keep in mind that their are more on-line stores with these dresses. So, If I see that the dress I want is not available in my size a just Google search the name of the dress and find some stores like that.

The major e-bay store for pin up has to be: SIRENS AND STARLETS
It holds many different brands and the priced tend to be reasonable - and sometimes even pretty good.

Major brands to remember: 
Hell bunny - HTTPS://
Lindy Bop -
Hearts and Roses (or H & R) -

Other on-line stores to check out the style:
(all of these are stores that I have ordered from and I'm pleased!).

Should I buy non brand pin-up dresses?
I have to be honest, This is one thing that I think you should try to aim for the brand names. They are guilty dress, nicely done and very well sawn. For the small savings - go for the brand. Especially if you are bigger then a small. The brand names are making more and more of their dresses in a large plus size, So some of them will be even in a uk28.

Lest get shopping!

Want me? click here!

Want me? click here!

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