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יום חמישי, 28 באוגוסט 2014

The one from the Road untaken

These days I'm finishing my LLB - my Law degree. In order to become a "Real" lawyer I would still have to complete one year of doing a internship and of course - take the bar exams. 

For some reason - I'm finding it very difficult. Like before - when I finished my BA in communication and journalism - for some reason I start you doubt my self. Of course, This time around is different; Finding out that I have Fibromaylgia and CFS is a life changing event - and at the time - I decided not to stop my studies. My goal at that time was to finish what I started. Which is kind of weird for me to say - thinking back on my life. I guess I always thought of myself as some what of a quitter. 

My goal was just to finish the degree and now, Here I am. I'm finishing and now I have to think about what's next. 

I can't do another "career change", and even if I enjoy styling I just have to commit to something already. Why is this so difficult? 

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sometimes all a girl needs is a brand new pair of shoes.... 27 year old law student lives in Israel.