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יום רביעי, 20 באוגוסט 2014

Getting back to "normal"

When rockets are shooting over your head, when your friends and family are drafted for military reserve service - when young, 18, 19 and 20 year old man are risking their life in order to protect people's life - it's a little hard to blog. To talk about fashion and how pretty life is. It's hard - and it's depressing. And not because the death so much - as the face that it seem helpless. 

I will never be able to ignore the fact the there's "another side", and I don't believe the "all people in Gaza are bad"; That goes against my belief in life. I wish for a better day - not only for me - but for everybody. 
I won't go too much into this - because I know it's so very complicated - but I do believe the creating opportunities for the other side - real opportunities for a good life - is the key. 
When people have an option - they are less likely to support Terror. 

Hamas is a terror organization that is destroying people's life - not only in Israel but also in gaza - and if you dare say anything and protests against them - Hamas will kill you. It's not a democracy in Gaza, maybe one day it will be. It's hard to imagine that you are controlled in a small area - with little control over your life - and can't even speak your mind. The right to speak is so impotent. 

Not everybody in Israel agrees with the latest military operation. But, at least you get to speak you're mind. I think about all the demonstrations and protest and soldierly gatherings since this started.... And only in Israel. Protesting in gaza, against the Hamas leadership - can and will probably lead to your death. 

It's today, when things look like the might be starting up again - that I dedicated to go back to blogging. 
It's not just the current attack - and personnel and medical reasons are to blame as well to my absence, but it's time to get back in the groove. 
And it's not that I'm ignoring the situation. I'm living it. And I'm totally aware of the other side as well. But it's time. I hope that a better day - is around the corner - for everybody.

Is a Hebrew word meaning peace, completeness, prosperity, and welfare and can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye.

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