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יום שבת, 12 באפריל 2014

The one that was inspired from Spring Showers

This morning started off so wired. We had Some rain in the morning time. The climate here is basically 2 season: 
Winter: Some rain - a little bit of snow up north (and maybe just a little in Jerusalem) and rain. dirty rain. icay rain. yak.  Temperatures stay above the 0 most of the time. 
And Summer: which is hot. REALLY HOT. and in this part of the country - it's also very humid. yak. 

But it does not rain in the summer (And when it doe's everybody's kinda of shocked). but for the few weeks at this time of the year it's kind nice out. not hot yet and maybe just a little cool. 
Can't justifie wearing summer outfits yet - So all white outfits have to wait just a little more - but white as and accent is just right. love the pink here. love these shoes from Asos (Proof to that is that i have 2 more colors besides the pink ones...;-)) 

As one can tell - the wind keeps giving me a "The wind beneath my wings" here.... the skirt is not a full circle - and that's the only reason why there's no exposure.;-)

Skirt: Asos \ Shoes: Asos \ Shirt: Renuer \ Bracelets: e-Bay \ Nail polish: Anny - Pretty Woman 

so the nail polish is pink. my eyes have pink Eyeshadow, my shoes are pink and the skirt is partly pink. but no - I don't match my nail polish to the rest of my outfits necessarily. it's just that I was in a pink mode - and since the nail polish just happen to be applied on this morning.... it was pink. 
Also - and I'm sure I'm not the only one - sometimes your nail polish color can inspire you to some color schema. so... yeah. Pink. 

But when is pink right if not for spring? :-) 

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