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יום שבת, 24 במאי 2014

My illamasqua wish list - shopping list

one of the things that i really like to do - is to put together Actual wish lists for things that I know I'm going to end up buying. My pinterst wish list - on the other hand - is just EVERYTHING I could possibly think of. 

So far i've tried 2 things of of this amazing Cruelty free, professional brand. love it. 
what ells is on my mind?

they have truly amazing blushes. but out of them all - there's 2 that i really want - one of them out of the new collection: 
Velvet Blusher in Conviction

The other one is Katie:

Next on the list is some of their eye shadow quads:
The first one had the most amazing Neon colors:

The other one is simply something that i know I will got a lot of use out of:  
The Fatale.

next on the list is of course their sealing Gel: 

The other thing that i want is their eyebrow cake. look's like they have really on point colors. for me - it's been a wried attmpet to find the perfect eyebrow color. My hair is brown - with red undertones. but eyebrow hair is almost black - but not black. so i Thoght about the color: Vehement - which is described as a soft black.

The last thing is the Flare lipstick. a real orange lipstick.

They have so many other things that i look at. I keep wondering about the mascara (have you tried their mascara?), and anything ells. The new Gleam - seems to be interesting and i love their lipsticks and would not refuse a few more...;-) 

Tell me - what triggers you'r interest?

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