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יום שלישי, 15 בספטמבר 2015

The one with the plus size confidence

One of the things that I often get asked about is the Confidence thing. Growing up big, and being one since I was 10 - It clearly had to have had an influence about my development. 

I also grew up in a religious background - in which girls do not wear pants. Little alone shorts. In recent years we've seen that women are wearing more and more shorts. And for some teen girls this is a real issue - as to how short can a short short be. 

A lot of times when I have a new client or just speak to another women over a certain size - they actually fear dresses. Since they grew up avoiding them - because everyone told then to avoid them since they are fat. (even if they were really not fat). 
That always seems odd to me for 2 reason; 
a. As I said I never feared dresses since I wore them. 
b. In all most any case - dresses look better then pants. 

But fear and the lack of confidence seems to be a thing that women, especially with some body issues (and size is not a factor - but it does contribute to it) - have to deal with. 

For me that fear was shorts. And the more I wear them - the more I love it. 
It's not just about being comfortable - but also about doing something that some people don't think that I should be doing - since I'm fat. 

And that's why - As simple is wearing short is suppose to be - every time I wear a pair I feel like screaming to the world: 
"Suck it!" 

Sunglasses: Asos \ Shirt: Renuar (il) \ Shorts: H&M \ Shoes: Skope shoes (il)

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  1. You seem a little down about yourself in this post, you shouldnt be, you look awesome and shouldnt worry about other people say, its how you feel comfortable and i think you look rocking, like you said thay can 'Suck It!'

    Dana || Fashion Dew


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