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יום שני, 24 באוגוסט 2015

10'The Asos anniversary! - my current shopping list

For the 10'the anniversary of Asos check the 10% off: 

And if you don't know what to get - here's Top-10 recommendations...

A little floral dress.. perfect! check out the pleats!!!! 

I just can't take my eyes of these... perfect

Classic, not expensive! and for taller girls! go for it!!

The boho dress with longer sleeves... regular line and the plus size!

another great plus size dress! the pattern is attention garbing but does not look "off"...

if you can wear Jumpsuits - then this is one of my current favorites! check out the bodice, the cris-cross and the flare bottoms!

everyone needs a good purse... and this will work with everything....

A good party dress - and I do prefer the curves version in this one... 

A good top to work with plenty of stuff in your closet.... and only for 15 gbp!!

and finally - the wow dress!!!!

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